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97 is an ambient electronic track from the EP 160 released in January 2023. It was created with several software synthesizers that create the complex layered waveforms.

Witcedesent is an ambient electroacoustic work created using original recordings that are processed extensively with delay and modulation. This track was created in 2021 and the title is a play on words.

Thundesnowt is an electroacoustic composition created from home recordings and original samples. It was composed using serialism. Thundesnowt 2 uses the same themes and ideas to create a different affect. 

Urban Pulses was created in the spring of 2021 using various sounds recorded in Charleston, IL. These original recordings were manipulated to create melodic and rhythmic figures.

Untitled No. 2 is an electronic recording created using an improvised guitar line, with various synthesizers forming short "events" around the melodic figures. 

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