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Electronic Compositions

Evan's first eponymous EP, released in April 2021, is a lo-fi experimental electronic collection. Epicurean was created in early 2021 with a guitar riff over piano chords. Synthesizers and original drum samples were added to create an electronic alternative rock style. 

Crushed Candy is Evan's first electronic release. Created 2020-2021 using synthesizers and original samples, Crushed Candy contains several classical compositional techniques that create a unique synthesis of styles.

Span of Attention is a demo from the EP 160. The demo was created in the summer of 2022 using demos from 2021. The track was made entirely using synthesizers. 

Herd Mentality was created in 2021 using guitar riffs and atonal synth lines that blindly follow each other up and down.

Crushed Candy 2 is a drums and guitar version of Crushed Candy with new guitar melodies.

Man From Midtown is an electronic recording created in 2021. It is unique in Evan's works in that it uses a traditional beat that undergoes alteration. 

"41" is an electronic track from the EP 160 released January 2023. It was created using layered synthesizers over recorded guitar and drum samples. 

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